All Things Haute

Haute New Website

Well Paris is over, we are back in the states but the hauteness continues……Follow me on my new website His Hauteness.wordpress.com


Not So Haute News….

Sooooo despite the amazingness of Paris…and I mean AMAZING. Due to unforeseen circumstances Jess and I are headed home in a couple days….

Subsided Hauteness

Haute Flight

Here we goooooooo…. It’s actually here. First leg of travel down…watched Midnight In Paris on flight to Toronto. Now 7 hours more and we will get to see it live and in color!!


Haute Departure

The last day in the US brings forth a gamut of emotions…At least we will look haute arriving.

Last Day! Chills!

Hail Hauteness!



Haute Cover

Two icons of not only on the court but also in the world of fashion, the Williams sisters cover this months Hamptons magazine.  Pick up your copy ASAP!   Super Blown away!!

Born Into Hauteness
2 Days…..


Haute Lunch

So an amazing last lunch for a while at my fave little bakery in Bend OR with Matty. If you ever get the chance their tomato soup is the “bomb dot com”. The Village Baker kills it!! You get a choice of rosemary or regular roll..I always pick rosemary (major suggestion). A couple photos don’t even do it justice….blackberry sage iced tea and chicken salad sandwich with pumpkin seeds. The service is killer they are spool sweet to me always!! Obvi amazing!!



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Haute Shoe Part Two

I’m obsessed with this website for designer shopping The Corner ( props to Jannette and Zach ). I NEEED these Marc Jacobs shoes. So major!

Hauteness Embodied
3 days…..


Haute Collection

A good friend of mine sent me the link for Bottega Venetta Men’s Fall 11/12 Collection and raved about it ( Thanks Jen ). Even more flattering she said the models were busted and I could rock the clothes better ( fingers crossed ). Well I am obsessed with a little flash in my wardrobe. I liked the pops of color in the collection of primarily black. I picked a couple looks I loved ( shockingly one is all black ). Check out all the looks through the link!!

Hauteness In Your Heart!

4 Days…….



Haute Shoe

So I am a firm believer you CANNNOT arrive in Paris without at least one pair of the most iconic French shoe of our time. Enter my Haute Item of the moment……



In Fashion One Day You’re In And The Next Day You’re Haute…LOL
5 Days…….

Haute Summer

So my obsession with tank tops reached a fever pitch this summer and I literally owned more than could be counted. I think part of it had to do with my new found muscle self. Thank goodness I am shrinking back to Euro size just in time for Paris. Also to be noted mystic tanning became my vice because it is “better” for you than the natural sun. That also is going into retirement for a more “pale is the new tan look.”

Tank Top: H & M

Shorts: True Religion

Sunglasses: Prada

Bracelet: YSL

Belt: Fendi

Shoes: Y-3

Tank Top: H & M

Shoes: Custom Cole Haan ( Never released sample)

Glasses: Vintage

Belt: Gucci

Tank: Bar III

Shoes: Sperry TopSiders

Makeup, grooming, photography: Jessie Box

Haute Top!!!

6 Days……………..